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Solarize Narragansett

 Let's go Solar!
November 02, 2018

Solar Shines in Narragansett

Solarize Narragansett


Narragansett, Rhode Island – The State of Rhode Island Office of Energy Resource, Commerce RI, WeeGreen, SmartPower and the Town of Narragansett partnered together to help provide local residents with an opportunity to make it easy to go solar. Using the WeeGreen platform the Town of Narragansett was able to set up their free website, plan events, and customize materials to reach out via email, flyers, and social media to promote Solarize Narragansett. 

The community-based outreach campaign strived to increase the adoption of rooftop solar The Town’s mission was to provide a great opportunity for residents and small businesses owners across the town to lower their energy bill, while contributing to the town's green energy efforts.

With that ongoing effort, the town of Narragansett was able to sign up over 100 local households to see if their homes were good for solar. And because WeeGreen shares 20% of it’s net revenue with campaigns, the Town of Narragansett raised over $1,800 for encouraging residents to install solar! Those funds can be used for any use by the Town.

Through the campaign website the Town was able to sign up numerous volunteers who helped with the campaign. Volunteers encouraged residents to attend local solar workshops and set up events to further encourage residents to consider solar. They also handed out flyers, hosted solar open houses and displayed banners and yard signs. The campaign ran from June to November and received an unbelievable amount of support from the Town, volunteers and residents.

If you are interested in starting a similar campaign in your local town, church, school or organization sign up at